Welcome to my website. I spend most of my life drawing, or painting, or writing, or teaching other people to paint and draw. Well, it beats having a proper job. I have a particular obsession with boats and the sea, which is why being asked to write and illustrate the Royal Yachting Association Go! series of children’s books was the best job in the world. The series starts with ‘Go Sailing’ and covers everything you can do on the water, from canal boats to windsurfing to marine conservation. Have a look at my books pages for the full range.

Go series childrens book covers

If you read Practical Boat Owner magazine, you’ll find my cartoon every month illustrating the ever so slightly bonkers Mad About the Boat column. Less silly but equally nautical are the drawings and occasional articles I do for Sam Llewellyn’s Marine Quarterly magazine.

mad about the boat 1

Art on the Quay

If you’re in Suffolk come and visit my studio at Waldringfield Boatyard – I’m there most days but if you’re coming especially give a ring first (01473 736260).

artonthequay revised

 Art courses

I’m planning an autumn course at Waldringfield Boatyard starting in November, so get in touch if you’re interested. I’m also looking into a tutored art retreat somewhere gorgeous in Cornwall next spring and it would be useful to know if there are enough people up for that to make it worthwhile. Get in touch!